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Lightroom 2011 Calendar Presets and Templates
January 9th, 2011 Lightroom, Photographers

Update: Calendar templates for 2012 are now available.

Interested in printing your own calendars using Lightroom 3?

I can recommend a great article by Matt Kloskowski at Lightroom Killer Tips: Lightroom Presets – Calendar Print Templates.

The original templates/presets are done by Ed Weaver and Matt wrote a great article on how to install and use the presets in Lightroom 3. Go and check it out!

Swedish calendar templates and new presets

Only “problem” is that Ed’s calendars are “American style” with weeks beginning on Sundays (who came up with that?) and in English of course.

So I’ve made new calendar templates in Swedish, which also include week numbers. I’ve also made some new Lightroom print presets for the paper size A4. Both the two Ed provided in letter format (‘1 month’ and ‘Full Year’) as well as two additional ones. These are ‘1+2 month’ presets, showing a head month as well as previous and coming months (in smaller size). One is for vertical aligned images and one for horizontal.

The Swedish calendar templates follow the same size and aspect ratio as Ed’s, so they should work well with the the presets he provides for larger format papers!

Swedish not good enough for you?

Update: For additional languages (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, etc), see my follow-up post!

In the calendar/preset download file I have provided flat psd-files for each month to use in the print templates. In the layered download file are the full layered original psd’s. You can use these and translate to any language you like, provided you want week numbers and use weeks starting with Mondays, to create your own calendar templates.

I couldn’t figure out what font Ed used but found some similar. If you want to translate these templates in Photoshop, you will need to install the following fonts:

  • Futura Lt BT
  • Futura Thin

You can always change the font in the templates, but that will probably give you some extra work aligning the texts :-).

Download Swedish calendar templates!

Download Lightroom Calendar Print Presets (A4 paper size)!
Note that print margins are dependent on printer type, the presets might need adjustments to fit with the printer you are using.

Download layered calendar template PSD’s! (Get the 2012 version!)

Matt’s article gives great information on how to install and use the templates and presets!

For additional languages (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, etc), see my follow-up post!

Update 2011-01-29: New versions of download files with previous error in July template fixed.

25 Responses to “Lightroom 2011 Calendar Presets and Templates”

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  2. […] some awesome calendar print presets created by blog reader Ed Weaver. Well, another blog reader (Thomas Ljungberg) was kind enough to follow up and create some more calendar print templates for those of you […]

  3. Lars says:

    Jag gjorde mina egna “semisvenska” baserat på Matt’s idé, men det blev inte alls lika bra som detta. Något bra tips om var man kan få dessa printade och häftade eller bundna? Alla labb verkar ha sin egna kalendrar, men då står labbet för själva kalendern.

    • Thomas says:

      Lars, jag har inte kommit så långt i processen. Som du säger har de flesta som printar kalendrar kalendrar egna mallar. Jag skulle kontakta dem och fråga ifall de kan binda från kundens mallar. Själv kommer jag antagligen printa själv och inte binda dem alls. Det får bli “lösbladskalender” :-)

  4. jose says:

    It would be great to have it in Spanish too. I encourage someone to do it

  5. Phill says:

    Come on, man.
    You’re one of the best wedding photographers I’d ever known. Your framings are so awesome and the illumination too.
    I guess the best way to bring the memory of a couple on is eternalize their moments.
    Thanks for share your shots. Keep going.

    R. Phill, Brazil.

  6. Richard says:

    @Lars: Crimsons manuella avdelning fixar biffen. Inte billigt, men det blir bra. Det blev det för mig iallafall. 13 sidor spiralbunden A3 kalender 4-500 spänn.

  7. jose says:

    Awesome, Thomas. Thanks so much indeed

  8. jose says:

    By the way, congratulations for your extraordinary photographs

  9. RON says:

    i like your calendar preset, but JULY HAS 31 DAYS IN IT.



    • Thomas says:

      @Ron: thanks for the heads up, I’ll fix that and reupload new files. I feared something like this would slip through, checks and double checks apparently did not help :-)

  10. Thomas says:

    July has now been fixed and includes all 31 days :-)

  11. RON says:

    thank you!

  12. Claudio says:

    Hi Thomas, thanks for your great job. Maybe you’re kind enough to correct the January month in the Italian language ? First month is “Gennaio” and not “Janivier”. I suspect only an err in zipping files :o)

    Thanks again

    • Thomas says:

      My mistake Claudio, thank you for letting me know. The Italian version has been updated (both the flattened and layered version). Good to see that they are downloaded and used!

  13. Mel says:

    thank you so much from Australia!

  14. […] Ed!). Anyway, A few weeks ago I posted about Ed’s templates. Then there was a follow up from Thomas Ljungberg (for the rest of the world) that took it up a notch. Well Thomas has posted even more templates in […]

  15. Jim Dolbee says:

    Great sets. Do you know of a source of PSD or JPEG calendar files for 2012? jim

    • Thomas says:

      Jim, I don’t know of any source of calendar files for 2012. I plan to create templates for 2012 but it’s not on my agenda at the moment. Are you already planning for 2012 calendars?

  16. Fernando says:

    Hello Thomas,
    Your calendar templates look just great. I would like to help contributing with a Portuguese translation. Do you have a particular file that you can send me so that I can give you the Portuguese equivalent? Please contact me on my email that should be visible to you on this post.
    Thanks again

  17. Andy says:

    The Sunday as the first day of the week, has to do with religion…(or at least that’s how I’ve always interpreted it)

  18. Charie Harris says:

    What a wonderful style you have.
    Enjoyed your web site.
    Would love to hear when you have the new 2012 calendar.

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